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Hotel charges

Honkan Japanese-style room
without toilet
Honkan Japanese-style room, Western-style room with toilet
1 person /1 room 15,270yen/1 person
2 persons/1 room 14,190yen/1 person
3 persons/1 room 13,110yen/1 person
half board, tax included
1 person /1 room 16,350yen/1 person
2 persons/1 room 15,270yen/1 person
3 persons/1 room 14,190yen/1 person
half board, tax included

Shinkan Western-style room with toilet
2 persons/1 room 19,590yen/1 person
3 persons/1 room 18,510yen/1 person
4 persons/1 room 17,430yen/1 person
half board, tax included

※ When the temperature is low, we turn on the heating.In that case, you need to pay a heating fee of 500 yen(included tax) / 1 room.
※ The whole building is a non smoking.When smoking cigarettes, please use smoking room.

You can book with this site or by phone and FAX.
Please select the date and room type you would like to book.


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