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We are introduced in the Akita Vision channel.

We have various types of rooms.
When you make a reservation, you can choose your favorite room.

Japanese-style room

The Japanese style room is a room with tatami mats.
There are rooms with and without a toilet.
You will be able to feel the traditional Japanese culture.

Western-style room

Western-style room has toilet in every room.
Half of the room has tatami and you can feel Japanese culture.
The other half has beds on the floor of flooring, you sleep on the beds.

Front desk
Please take off your shoes at the entrance and enter.
It is here that you process your check-in and check-out.

Go through this corridor to a hot spring.

Go through this corridor to a hot spring.
The gentle light of the lamp gives you a secret hot spring's feeling.

There are items of special products in Hachimantai,Akita,Japan.

There are also vending machines for soft drinks and alcohol.

Dining hall

This is the place for you to have breakfast and dinner.
And you can also eat lunch at extra charge.


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