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Relax you mind and body at a naturally hot spa.

We are introduced in the Akita Vision channel.

Information on hot springs
Hot springs Fountain quality
Water flowing directly from the hot spring source Simple hot spring・Slightly acidic hot spring
Temperature of source Efficacy to your body
66.5 degrees Celsius Neuralgia・Rheumatism・Infertility・
Gynecological illness・Hernia・
Recovery from fatigue・Gastrointestinal disease・
Skin disease・Atopic dermatitis・
Postoperative recovery and so on

All bathtub made of Hiba.
Bath with exclusive wood "Hiba" makes you relax.

For men, For women

This is open air bath with roof.
You can go to open air bath from indoor bath.
Please enjoy open air bath in the clear air of Hachimantai.

For men, For women

This is a special bath of Fukunoyu,
They don't have a roof, and we call them "Yatenburo".
They are in the steam on hot spring rising.

For men, For women, and Mixed-sex

This is bath made by modeling masu.
It is introduced in television and magazines.
There is Taru buro just next to it .Please enjoy both Masu buro and Taru buro.


The big barrels are filled with milky hot water.
You feel the breath of nature by putting your body in a barrels.


This is the newest bath made in 2017 in Fukenoyu.
Masu buro and Taru buro are next to this.



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